The Benefits of Beneficial Insects

Save the Insects; Save the Planet   You may have heard of an “insect apocalypse”. News stories sometimes refer to it as “insectageddon”. While it may be a relief for us to go outside and not have to deal with clouds of insects spoiling our picnics, the truth is that having fewer bugs is simply NOT good for the planet.  Oliver Milman, an environmental journalist,

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All About Ladybugs

The Miraculous Ladybug   Ladybugs. Ladybirds. Lady beetles. Many names and many legends have been attributed to these charming creatures. We like to think of them as the “gateway bug” to biodiversity in your garden or yard. Click here to watch our founder as he extols the virtues of the humble ladybug. Let’s look at the A-B-C’s of ladybugs to learn more about these charming

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How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

A “Hot Topic”: Red Fire Ants! At the beginning of this year, Julie, a consultant for Organic Control, Inc., moved from Southern California to the Southeast. About a month ago, she noticed strange new mounds in her backyard that seemed to have appeared overnight. With a little research, she discovered the source of the mounds: the Red Imported Fire Ant. Known as RFAs or RIFA

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Top Ten Tips For An Incredibly Beautiful and Bountiful Garden

Whether you’re digging in for the first time (see what we did there?) or you’re a long-time gardener, let us show you how to start a garden that will have your neighbors peeking over your fence to ask what you’ve been up to! Here are some tips to ensure success:    Soil prep is key. It is impossible to overstate the importance of healthy soil.

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Give your rose bushes a natural and organic hug in the form of a winter blanket!

Give your rose bushes a natural and organic hug in the form of a winter blanket! Here we are in February! Many yards and gardens appear to be sleeping in the cold winter air. What can be done for those shivering bare sticks that used to be covered in lush leaves and blooming roses? While gardening may not be the first thing that comes to

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Darwin was writing about the humble but mighty earthworm.   CASTINGS — A MAGIC SPELL FOR SOIL HEALTH Earthworm castings (a fancy word for worm poop) can best be described as Mother Nature’s super-food; they energize your plants and provide a suit of armor against harmful pests. Used for centuries by growers, worm castings have long been recognized as a most



A CLOSER LOOK AT THE AMAZING PRAYING MANTIS! The dating habits of the Praying Mantis may seem unconventional. Successful suitors are literally losing their heads over these sultry sirens of the garden. Every year, we premier our own version of “The Praying Mantis Bachelorette”, where we spotlight one lovely lady as she considers a host of hopefuls - one of whom will… win? Um, if

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Organic Control has brought natural and organic gardening to families in the form of ladybugs, worms, praying mantis and lacewings for over 40 years. The newest sensation is simply one as old as time itself. FAQs ON MASON BEES What are Mason Bees? Did you know that bees are responsible for one of every three bites of food we eat? Those

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Laura used to have a big problem. She had a dog, Bingley. A mostly indoor dog, Bingley was a frequent visitor to their backyard. Bingley loved having a chance to run around a bit outside before he did his business and headed back inside. She also had a cat, Jasmine. Jasmine hadn’t set foot outside since Laura had brought her home as a kitten,



Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us. What is the best way protect the gardens you planted during this “shelter in place” season? And, what about those “murder hornets” that are starting to make headlines? Here is the answer to your questions. Build an army! Here’s what you need to know about Praying Mantids, a natural enemy of the hornet. Another Guardian of

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