It depends on the product; we generally use UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service. Refer to the detail page for each product to get more information.

For products that are alive, our first concern is to get them to their destination in good condition. So we take weather forecasts into account before we ship. If we feel that we must delay your shipment because it’s either snowing or blazing hot, we will notify you and keep you posted on the status of your order.

When insects leave our facility, they are alive and healthy. But once they are shipped, we cannot control their environment. If any product arrives in bad condition, please notify us immediately so that we may remedy the situation. Please see our return policy for more details

Have we got the program for you! OCI has a robust training program to make Bug Masters of everyone on your staff. Through a series of five videos and the tests that follow, this fun and quick training program will equip your employees to become ambassadors for the use of Beneficial Insects in the garden. Each newly designated graduate will receive a decorative button to wear on their uniform, proudly displaying their new expertise as an Official Bug Master. 

Direct your customers to our website –

Packed with beautiful images, helpful videos, and tips and tricks for the use and deployment of Beneficial Insects, our website is all the training your customers need to begin a future where harmful toxins can be reduced or eliminated from the food we eat and the beautiful gardens we enjoy.