Laura used to have a big problem.

She had a dog, Bingley. A mostly indoor dog, Bingley was a frequent visitor to their backyard. Bingley loved having a chance to run around a bit outside before he did his business and headed back inside.

She also had a cat, Jasmine. Jasmine hadn’t set foot outside since Laura had brought her home as a kitten, 17 years ago.

Laura’s problem was fleas. Even though she regularly treated Bingley every month with a well-known prescription flea control pill, he still seemed to be picking fleas up in the backyard and bringing them into the house. The fleas then hopped onto poor Jasmine the cat.

Laura did her homework, then set to work. She raked Borax into her carpet, which had to sit for a couple of days before vacuuming. Each time anyone walked through the living room, concerning little clouds of white dust would puff up. And poor old Jasmine the cat had to submit to a flea bath and a full day in a warm bathroom to avoid any risk of illness from catching a chill.

It didn’t work. Laura still found fleas.

Then Laura found the “silver bullet”…Beneficial Nematodes. Beneficial Nematodes are nature’s own solution to a problem she couldn’t seem to solve with chemicals on her dog and inside her home. Laura treated her back yard with these amazing warriors, who immediately set to work finding fleas and their larvae. Nematodes invade any and every orifice of harmful pests, killing them from the inside. Then, as though in triumphant celebration, they set about building nurseries for their own young inside the bodies of their fallen enemies. In a continuous cycle, new beneficial nematodes emerge to attack any newly hatching fleas.

Like microscopic but mighty sharks, these champions of the food chain not only killed off the fleas in Laura’s yard, but they penetrated deep into the soil, stopping the other pests that were eating the roots of plants all over the garden.

The fleas are finally gone. Jasmine and Bingley are clean and happy. Laura’s backyard soil is now even healthier – and, as an added bonus, she used the leftover liquid from her nematode application on her houseplants, which got rid of those annoying fungus gnats that were coming from the soil of her indoor pots!

Now is the time to treat your yard with beneficial nematodes, before the summer heat brings out the fleas. Ditch the chemicals and fight fleas in an all-natural way that Mother Nature would approve of.

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