Our company’s inspiration goes back to the Victory Gardens of World War II. Our founder, Steve Hazzard’s mother grew food for her family during the war, and Steve noticed at an early age that his mom took a different approach to gardening than most people. She preferred a more natural way to garden…saving scraps from the kitchen that she turned into compost. There were no chemicals in his family’s yard.

By the middle of the 1970s, as public and government concern for our environment grew, Steve’s passion for change led him to implement his mom’s non-toxic gardening approach. He felt led to explore ways to make non-toxic tools available to home gardeners. Steve found that  the use of trichogramma beneficial wasps to combat leaf-chewing insects and the release of green lacewings to combat aphids were practical solutions to a critical challenge.

As time went by and Steve’s knowledge about the use and efficacy of beneficial insects grew, so too did his passion for sharing what he knew. He had insight into a holistic method of gardening and farming that he believed had potential to save the world from harmful toxins. He knew that toxins were not only harming those who came in contact with them, but they were becoming a severe detriment to the soil.

In 1976, Steve founded  Organic Control, Inc. to further spread the word and to supply beneficial insects.

“To this day, that’s exactly what we do…we’re dedicated to helping you control garden pests using nature’s own army of beneficial organisms. Today your garden and every garden can be a Victory Garden!”



We believe it’s time to think differently…pro-actively protecting our plants in advance, instead of reacting to pests with a toxic spray. It’s time to improve the way we ALL manage whatever piece of the earth we have been given and it’s time to heal our planet. We can no longer say that we’re sustainably-minded because we’ve past the point of sustainability. It’s time for us to regenerate the soil and the land that supports us. At Organic Control we are regenerative minded and environmentally conscious in all we do.