Our beautiful female praying mantis bachelorette, Carla, needs your help choosing from one of these amazing bachelors below. She’s looking forward to mating with one of them and eventually eating his head off to help nourish her eggs. That’s just nature’s way!

Note — our bachelors have not yet been informed of her intentions. Please keep it that way!

Bachelor #1 may be THE one for our Carla! Jameson says he is the king of garden bugs. In his free time he likes nabbing and munching on various garden pests, including: aphids, thrips, white flies, caterpillars, earwigs and chinch bugs. Can Jameson woo Carla with his impressive ability to remove the pest insects that are destroying her garden?

The enchanting Humberto is Bachelor #2. Humberto fancies himself as a ladies’ mantis. His oothaca was placed on a fruit tree in the backyard and he was born last spring. He spent most of the summer shedding his skin. He’s like many of his competitors in that he’s very territorial and likes to stay near home where he was released.

Introducing Manfred…Bachelor #3! His big romantic eyes are actually made up of many smaller eyes that allow him to quickly and easily spot moving prey or a beautiful female mantis. The combination of his excellent vision and incredible reflexes means he’ll bring home dinner! He’s only got eyes for Carla. Will she see things his way?

Maximus is our beloved Bachelor #4. Though he hasn’t moved far from the ootheca in the garden where he was born, he’s no Mama’s Boy! Sit back and watch as he devours every pest insect he can get his lucious arms around. He’s in it to win it, folks! Can his obvious good looks and bulging biceps be enough to sway Carla his way?

Vote for your favorite bachelor, then share with your
friends & family and see who wins!

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